The Book:
Live Your Dreams: 
Doctor's Orders
Dr. Samuel Gerstein, M.D.
What is Your Primary Goal for Getting this Book?
I've never met anyone doing what they love at work. I want proof it can be done
I want to see how people addressed their fears of not being good enough
I want to learn how people start their custom-fit business without a lot of money or time
I want to learn the steps to take to make money doing what you love
I'm looking for ideas for my own Dream Business
Change The Way You Think Work Forever
About Your Host
Dr. sam Gerstein, M.D.
CEO, Dreams For Real Inc., Author, Business Coach
As former Chief of the Emergency Department and after treating thousands of people, Dr. Sam saw the toll work stress takes on people's health. He then pivoted his practice to focus on the mind. In the last 10 years he has helped hundreds of people manage their fears and uncover and start their own Dream Businesses.

Now he wants to do the same for you. He is reshaping the definition of work from 'drudgery for dollars' to 'passion for profits'. He has shared his views on Slice TV and radio and highlighted entrepreneurs doing just that in his highly acclaimed book, Live Your Dreams: Doctor's Orders.
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